Take A Seat

Take A Seat: Alberta

Alberta. Canada’s very own wild west. Home to the prairie lands and the cattle ranges, to the Blackfoot tribe and the largest bed of dinosaur bones in the world. Dom takes on this wild west adventure and cycles into the mosquito ridden territory to find out that adventure doesn’t have to be done in a far away land.

Take A Seat Egypt

Still in the midst of a revolution, the people of Egypt have attracted global attention by triggering what has come to be known as the Arab Spring. With all eyes on this ancient and changing country, Dominic Gill take his ‘no doors, no windows’ concept of ‘Take A Seat’ to the heart of the revolution, Tahrir Square.

Take A Seat Sharing A Ride Across America

The second tandem bicycle project by Dominic Gill, Take A Seat Sharing a Ride Across America demonstrates his proven platform of using tandem bicycles as a way to include people who would not otherwise be able to in the sort of once-in-a-lifetime adventure rarely undertaken.

Take A Seat

In the first film of its kind Dominic Gill rides a tandem bicycle alone from the top of Alaska to the bottom of Argentina welcoming random strangers to get on the back and help him pedal south.