Take A Seat

Making Take A Seat

While Take A Seat is an adventure in its own right, it’s the kindness of strangers, a collaborative effort of artists and technicians and the help of a long suffering camera unit that brings these stories alive on screen.


The blink of an eye

Fri 23 Dec, 2011  /  Between the Sea and the Sky  /  1 comment

I heard some news yesterday on the radio, while waking up, the chill of a clear night sky beating a hasty retreat in the face of a golden, southern Californian sun. A young teenager had stayed out past his parent-enforced curfew. Fearful of being punished and with the imagination of… read more

A not quite forgotten sentiment

Mon 5 Sep, 2011  /  Afterwards: The road continues to wind  /  1 comment

Yesterday, while clearing out a draw in my small house in Oldham, preparing for a move over to California, I found a piece of paper. On it was scribbled thoughts from the day I arrived back at my father’s house after my first Take A Seat journey. What do they… read more

A Sweet Filthy Echo

Wed 17 Aug, 2011  /  Afterwards: The road continues to wind  /  No comments

My laundry is not yet dry. I hung it up a couple of hours ago, but it’s overcast and cool. For the first time for as long as I can remember, I bask in this weather, wondering around aimlessly under an almost gloomy sky. It looks like rain. Maybe I’ll… read more

Coming to Rest on Platform 3

Wed 26 May, 2010  /  Dom and Ernie  /  2 comments

Thats it I suppose. One small era for me has finished. It started one day when I decided to go on a long journey, and I thought then that it would finish when I reached the southerly most city in Argentina. But it didn’t. Instead I feel like this chapter… read more

Full Circle…

Sun 16 May, 2010  /  Dom and Ernie  /  1 comment

If you’ve been unwise, bored or in the most unusual of cases interested enough to have followed the Take A Seat journey from it’s conception, you might remember a man that uttered such timeless quotes as “I feel like an abused porn star”, and “that ends my portion on the… read more

Book Launch and Beyond…

Fri 14 May, 2010  /  Dom and Ernie  /  No comments

Three days ago I sat and watched a herring gull float on a keen wind, subtly changing the angles of its dagger-like wings to stay motionless above the earth. It was looking at something, one beady eye in its cocked head fixed on an object below. I have no idea… read more

From where I sit I see the world

Thu 22 Apr, 2010  /  Dom and Ernie  /  No comments

Life drifts by. It just does, irrespective of how hard you grab it. You can’t even change the number of experiences you fit into every second, all you can do is control what kind of experiences you have in those fleeting moments. You could try the eye watering rush of… read more

A Disease Called Self Doubt

Thu 15 Apr, 2010  /  Dom and Ernie  /  3 comments

Self pity is pathetic. I hate it, but I gather vast piles of it around me on occasion. The pity weighs heavy and crushes me into a very dark place that neither laughter or sunlight will drag me out of until something – it could be anything but I suspect… read more

Stop Gap

Mon 29 Mar, 2010  /  Dom and Ernie  /  3 comments

Airports are strange places. I’ve been going through a lot of them recently. They’re no longer mildly exciting – like they are when you’re a child going on holiday – but they do somehow stimulate some strange reflective feeling inside me. Its as if the impartial stop-gap between worlds gives… read more

Surrender. You’re Surrounded.

Mon 15 Mar, 2010  /  Dom and Ernie  /  3 comments

This is what happens when you spend a lot of time on public transport or in airports. I think. About where I’ve been, what I’ve done, where I’m going and where I want to be. Then I write – actually truth be told the thinking never finishes before the writing… read more