Take A Seat


Take A Seat is a tandem bicycle touring project created by Dominic Gill.

In 2005, Dominic was sitting at his workstation in Manchester, UK, thinking up how he could change his life when he decided that he would cycle from Alaska to Argentina, a 20,000 mile journey that took a little over 2 years. A few conversations later the trip went from a solo expedition to a tandem one, which has been the mark of his adventures ever since.

So far, Dominic has taken his tandem to over 20 countries picking up secondary riders spontaneously as he goes. The concept combines the beauty of bike touring with the new element of using a tandem bicycle as a means of getting to know the people and the places Dominic visits. With no doors or windows protecting him, he experiences every shred of life at it’s barest. From the choking hustle of the city to the depths of the wilderness, signs of life and the ever impending threat of the elements hanging over him merely serve as the backdrop to stories about the people who live and work along the path Dominic blazes.

By inviting locals to take up his rear seat and help pedal, Dominic is able to take cultural immersion to the next level. He creates intimate relationships with perfect strangers whom he has met only moments before on a street corner or in a bar, and who dare to act as an authentic tour guide ready to help him take on his adventures.

Who Is Dominic Gill?

Born in Oxford, United Kingdom, Gill is a biologist by trade who, at the age of 25, jumped ship from the corporate world of environmental consulting to fulfill his dream as an adventurer and filmmaker. It didn’t take too many hours in a cubicle for him to realize that what he loved about the environment was not analyzing it so much as inhabiting it. So instead he set up shop creating and producing film and television content inspired by his two loves: extreme adventure and meeting people. This led Gill to successfully document his first adventure film Take A Seat: Alaska to Argentina, in which he rode a tandem bicycle from top of Alaska to the bottom of Argentina inviting random strangers to take a seat on the back of his bike. The film won Special Jury Prize at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2009 and has since been shown in over 400 cities worldwide. He also published the story of this journey in the book, Take A Seat. He now brings his platform of “inclusive adventure” to the United States in an effort to continue inspiring people to get outdoors and commune with mother nature.