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The Wide Open Wave of the Past

Mon 22 Feb, 2010  /  Afterwards: The road continues to wind  /  1 comment

On the wide valley floor the snow makes the fields look vast and the fences lead to distant but regular homesteads. The open fields are backed by the mountains, folded with evergreens shading the snowy folds of the steep valleys. This is the country surrounding Logan, Utah. I’m here surfing a not insignificant wave of kindness and praise after introducing Take A Seat at the Banff Mountain Film Festival world Tour. I continue to make my past my present.

As Paul my host drives us along the pale, straight road, the  horizon is far away and the the icy blue of the winter sky further still. The stained and weathered wood of the tottering dutch barns and the dry brown of hay is in stark contrast to the snow. The old farms whisper something linking this boundless land to something older than the drab diners or gas stations that dot the ribbon of road.

This land is addictive. The vastness is unsettling yet embracing all at once. It makes me think of travel, the all American road trip movie crossing desert states backed by steel stringed riffs and a sleepy, tuneful voice. The attraction is a simple one. Not simple as in easy to identify, but simple like a swath of unblemished color. I like it but it scares me. It makes me want to wander.

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  1. Shaina27 Feb, 2010

    Hi there!

    I just watched your film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Fort Collins…well done, amazing story! It made me wonder why I stuck myself in school instead of adventuring. Enjoying reading your journal now.

    Hm, think I’ll go climb some rocks tomorrow…


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