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The Inundation

Fri 23 May, 2008  /  Journal  /  No comments

“The atmospheric conditions have been very unfavourable lately……….It has been raining,” explained Owl. “Yes,” said Christopher Robin. “It has.” “The flood-level has reached an unprecedented height.” “The who?” “There’s a lot of water about” explained Owl……”however, the prospects are rapidly becoming more favourable. At any moment….” At that exact moment,… read more

The End of the Beginning

Sat 3 May, 2008  /  Journal  /  No comments

I could make out the road ahead, dimly lit by the occasional lamp post and the spreading smudge of dark blue on the horizon. Dawn was heavy in the air, the salty moisture damping the sound of the lazy breakers chastising the rocks below me. The white line ahead disappeared… read more